Viability of the project

Refurbishment of an existing unit may be a viable option over a new modular building where costs are a major consideration.

Our designers will be able to consult with our in-house estimators to establish at an early stage the viability of the project to satisfy regulatory compliance against offering the customer good value for money, this exercise is sometimes referred to as ‘Value Engineering’.

Costs can always be cut, however we at MRC are constantly aware that customer expectations may sometimes fall short of those of the Planners or Building Control, particularly where a relatively new pre-owned building may need major, remedial or essential repair work to satisfy latest regulations.

Availability of Stock

MRC can provide the customer who is looking to purchase from the extensive stock of pre-owned modular buildings.

Listings of available assets can be found in our regularly updated refurbished products gallery.

We also welcome enquiries from owners of existing modular units, where MRC can take delivery to our factory and return fully refurbished.

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