Introducing MRC Modular

MRC manufactures new modular buildings to meet the requirements of current guidelines and be fully compliant with Building Regulations Part L2A. As well as constructing new modular buildings at our factory on the Norfolk/ Cambridgeshire border we also refurbish second-hand units to be fully compliant with April 2002 Building Regulations.

Martin Reynolds Construction is dedicated to ensuring that all products and services fully meet or exceed customer requirements. The goal of the company is to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction at all times through our commitment to providing high level of personal service and our desire to exceed customers’ expectations sets us apart from our competitors.

“At Martin Reynolds Construction we recognise that quality is everyone’s responsibility, we are committed to ensuring that all our personnel understand and fully implement our Company Policies and objectives, and are able to perform their duties effectively through ongoing training, communication and development programme.”

Mr Martin Reynolds, Director and Owner

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