Modular Buildings 

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At MRC Modular we are committed to providing great value with continuity of service and support from initial concept proposals through to delivery of all of our factory assembled modular buildings.

Our experienced team will offer guidance with regards to compliance with Building Regulations and can offer unrivalled expertise in practical and economical solutions as they may arise.

MRC are prepared to make investment in people and technology and ready to take on the challenges in a dynamic construction industry, confident that as experienced contractors MRC is structurally and intellectually equipped to respond to the latest environmental, energy and cost effective construction methods.

We are able to offer the customer a comprehensive range of services from specification, design, construction of robust fixtures and performance finishes which have the flexibility to be relocated from one site location to another. Consideration for future expansion can also be included at the design stage. 

It is our aim to provide the satisfied customer with a product which is safe and also offers a pleasant place to work.

MRC specify sustainable materials to all interiors and external finishes with a sympathetic approach in consideration of planning conditions and the local community.

Economy of scale and pre-fabrication of external sub-assemblies held in store afford MRC the benefit of good reaction times when called upon to hit programme targets without compromising quality.

Purpose Made Products

Quality control and consistency of line is fundamental to our success; however this approach has never constrained MRC in changing the model where better value or performance can be achieved.

Our extensive product range enables the customer to choose from our standard design buildings through to purpose made accommodation buildings reflecting the benefits of tried and tested modular construction methods, with the freedom to adapt and evolve.

Site conditions will vary, however, our ability to change and adapt doesn’t necessarily have to bite into the budget. Our experienced team of surveyors and flexible design principles can provide practical advice without compromising safety, flair or innovation.

Our buildings are available with external canopy walkways, regulatory fire escapes and DDA compliant access ramps and steps. Internally they can be appointed with fully tested lighting, emergency lighting, power and heating / cooling as required. 

Construction methods for air tightness and thermal bridging including electrics, heating and plumbing are designed using energy assessed products to achieve a regulatory Building Emission Rate CO2. Performance is calculated by an accredited energy assessor who is able to provide EPC certification on completion of the project.  

Delivery Solutions

When a quick construction and delivery requirement is the prime driver MRC has the resources and resolve to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our buildings are delivered nationwide and are pre-fabricated at our premises providing the customer with in-situ ready made accommodation.

Our modular buildings are available to purchase as well as on long and short term hire contracts.

Financial Products

MRC is always conscious that the customer must have options when making financial decisions and our estimators will be able to guide you through the process with a detailed cost breakdown from initial enquiry through to a full written quotation.

To request a quotation or for more information on our modular buildings you can call us on +44 (0)1366 324 297 or email us at Please provide as much information as possible.


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