New modular building projects

Nationwide UK delivery and erection of our pre-fabricated modular buildings give the customer in-situ readymade accommodation with the option of external canopy walk-ways, regulatory Fire escape and DDA compliant access ramps using colour banded hand rail materials and non-slip steps to ensure a safe and secure experience, sustainable materials in a choice of colours with tone shift to satisfy regulatory Building Control requirements for the visually impaired.

Customer requirements may include MRC modular buildings appointed with fully tested lighting, emergency lighting, power and space heating/cooling, where controls are situated these are arranged to be intuitive and logic for the user.

Construction methods for air tightness and thermal bridging including electrics, heating and plumbing are designed using Energy assessed products to achieve regulatory Building Emission Rate CO2 performance calculated by an accredited energy assessor who is able to provide required EPC certification at completion of the project.

To summarise, our factory assembled modular buildings have all the regulatory safe guards you would expect in a traditional build without the expense and time consuming programming of trades, without the worry and constant hassle of materials being delivered, the welfare of the Contractor and all his various costly Sub-Contractors which are all ultimately dependant on the weather.

We are happy to provide a list of local New Projects in your area to visit and see for yourself how quality and quick results can go hand-in-hand without breaking the bank.

Our latest completed project is at the Adrian Flux Arena which has been a success, Click Here to take a look at the video taken and supplied by David Wootton Photography


New modular building project designs

We offer an in-house design range from generic buildings to satisfy basic floor area and structural regulatory requirements, or we can provide enhanced design services tailored to suit the intended activity and specification of the customer.

A selection of colours and finishes including flooring, windows, doors and interiors are always available.

Coming soon from our designer the customer will be able see the prospective Project in 2D or 3D colour visualisation format using intelligent computer aided design modelling.

Where the customer has commitment towards renewable energy these features can be “designed in” to Heating, hot water systems to accommodate future or immediate fossil fuel offset solutions.

Design consideration for future expansion or relocation to another site can be readily included at the design stage; this flexibility will further enhance the advantages over a traditional ground up masonry building.