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Skua Range

Our Skua range fits effortlessly into any woodland surrounding, with the natural chunky waney edge larch clad exterior which is left unstained so it will weather naturally in its surrounding.

The exterior finish of the U-PVC doors and windows is an anthracite grey which compliments the greyed larch cladding perfectly. Interior of doors are a white U-PVC finish which compliments the soft colour of the profiled larch internal cladding.

With superb levels of insulation our cabins are well in excess of BS3632, and with our use of natural timber, low energy LED lighting and energy saving appliances, the Skua range is an extremely environmentally friendly timber cabin.

Each cabin boasts a modern kitchen area with breakfast bar, fridge, oven and hob. Which is accompanied by ample storage space for cutlery, plates, glasses, pots and pans.


One of the most striking features of the cabins is the impressive 1.8 metre over hang providing a comfortable place to sit on the decking, with spot light LED’s in the canopy and an outside socket you can spend the day and night enjoying the view from the comfort of your cabin.

For more information or to log an enquiry please call us on +44 (0)1366 324 297 or email us on sales@mrcmodular.com for a free quotation