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Kick Start 2017

kick start

MRC Modular is proud to announce we are hosting and attending this years Kick Start Young Riders Charity Event at Timbers Country Lodge. The event was set up my Martin Reynolds as a way to give young speedway riders the opportunity to meet and talk to existing and potential sponsors.The night is always aimed at funding raising for 2 speedway bikes which will be prepped and maintained by Poultec Training who will also offer full training to potential new riders. The bikes would be made available for young riders who need a kick start in their speedway careers.

Guest riders include 

  • Robert Lambert
  • Chris Holder
  • Lewis Rose
  • Neils Kristian Iverson
  • Nicklas Porsing
  • Colin Mountain
  • Rory Schelin
  • Joss Bailey

Other guests include

  • Terry Betts
  • Tomas Topinka
  • Colin Pratt
  • Kelvin Tatum

See below sponsors already confirmed for this years event